For more than 40 years, Codimag has designed, manufactured and sold printing presses with high added-value at its facilities in Bondoufle, France. Today, it is the world leader in intermittent waterless offset label printing. Codimag offers solutions tailored to label printers’ needs with a high level of innovation, both in terms in technology and application, making its presses productive and cost-effective for many different markets. With a worldwide network of agents, Codimag is able to take its technologies around the world, and support its customers in a profitable, long-term relationship.

Aniflo combines offset quality, flexo productivity and digital flexibility. It features an offset unit, with offset plates and a simple anilox delivery system that brings a uniform ink amount across the web. With low operational costs, Aniflo is an economical choice for high-definition quality short and medium runs on any commonly used label substrate – filmic or paper. Plate costs and imaging times are very short: all plates for the press can be prepared within about 15 minutes. Because it is intermittent, fewer consumables are needed, making Aniflo suited for short and medium run work. The high definition capability and superior stability means Aniflo can print in extended gamut, offering over 90 percent of the PMS colours without any need for ink changes and consequential washing. The productivity of the Viva machine also allows them to compete with flexo on longer runs. Facing the Digital or Flexo dilemma ? The answer is Aniflo!

« Each of our 5 companies generates the majority of our turnover from export sales, both in Europe and abroad. This position is showing the excellence of French technologies in the Label and Flexible Packaging Industries. Our approach aims to spread our know-how beyond our borders, under a common label »
Benoît Demol, CEO de Codimag